Our Winning Approach to Networking

Building strong networks is a point of emphasis in our Global Vision Concepts office for good reason. We know that having accomplished people in our contact lists can lead to a lot of career rewards, including great advice and unexpected opportunities. These are a few key behaviors we practice when we set out to expand our networks:

• Showing Genuine Interest: The right mind-set goes a long way when it comes to successful networking. We make sure to display strong interest in building meaningful connections with people. It’s all about being open and making potential contacts feel welcome.

• Asking Open-Ended Questions: We keep the other person talking as much as we can when we’re networking. Not only is this a great way to show our interest in a lasting connection, it also gives us chances to identify common ground. People also tend to remember us in a more positive light if we give them the floor.

• Following Up: There’s no substitute for being persistent when it comes to building a successful network. This includes reaching out to our newest Global Vision Concepts contacts within a day or two of meeting them. Thanks to the many questions we pose during networking events, we have plenty of background info on which to build effective messages.

We apply these techniques every time we attend a networking event. For more on how we add to our contact lists, follow Global Vision Concepts on Twitter.