We’re Ready for Some Relaxation

There’s a buzz around the Global Vision Concepts office as we prepare for a November R&R in the Dominican Republic. A few hand-selected members of our team will attend this international retreat, where they’ll have the chance to network with top performers from across the country.

Sydney, our firm’s head of HR, explained that this trip is a huge opportunity for our brand experts to advance their careers. She noted that those selected to attend will return to Global Vision Concepts HQ with innovative insights to apply and new sources of helpful advice to consult.

Getting away from the demands of everyday work also allows people to reflect on what’s going well and think about where they can make improvements. The fresh perspectives that come with putting some distance between ourselves and our professional roles opens our minds to future possibilities. We always seem to be more productive after a retreat.

Discussing best practices and learning from top leaders is how we can see the bigger picture of our business as well. There are often award ceremonies during the retreats we attend, which provide us with even more inspiration to perform at our best.

We’re ready to find out who will be heading to the Dominican Republic in November. Stay tuned to the Global Vision Concepts Newswire feed for updates on this trip and all our team travel events.