Welcoming Matt as He Takes the Reins

Global Vision Concepts is proud to welcome a new team member to the office. Matt has been promoted to management, and will be running our Atlanta location. We’re very excited to welcome him, and look forward to following his lead as he promotes the firm’s mission and values.

Matt is the perfect example of how people in our organization are promoted to leadership positions. He started in an entry-level role, just like everyone does, learning the ropes and mastering the responsibilities of each job. As he proved his understanding, he earned his way forward into management roles, until he was tapped to become the leader of our organization.

Our commitment to internal promotions is an extension of one of our Global Vision Concepts values: recognition. We know that by demonstrating our appreciation for a job well done, we accomplish two things. First, we let the person being honored know that we are grateful for their work, which encourages him or her to put in even greater effort in the future. Second, we give other team members a role model to emulate.

Promotions aren’t the only way we acknowledge good work. Recognition has to be personal and appropriate to the accomplishment. Sometimes a simple, public thank you is enough, while at other times we might send someone on a weekend retreat at a resort hotel.

Once again, we’d like to congratulate Matt on his promotion and welcome him to the office! Find out more about the ways we reward team members by checking out our Global Vision Concepts Newswire feed.