Strategies for Finding the Ideal Hires

We always seek talented people to join Team Global Vision Concepts. Sydney, the head of our firm’s HR department, explained, “We want candidates who are ready to learn and help others grow within our office. Developing people to be their best selves is our mission. With this in mind, we ask a few types of questions during interviews to identify the perfect fits for our culture.”

Some of the most effective queries we’ve used are based on behaviors. Sydney stated, “If we ask candidates to tell us about times when they achieved a specific kind of success or had some type of key experience, the answers we get will be genuine. People can’t prepare for these questions very well, so they respond in ways that reveal a lot about them. We pay special attention to each interviewee’s body language and the confidence it reflects when we pose behavioral questions.”

We also focus on adaptability when we evaluate potential Global Vision Concepts hires. Our culture is a supportive one in which team members are encouraged to push beyond their current skill sets. We want to home in on jobseekers who are well equipped to chase ambitious targets that challenge their abilities. If someone has a history of achieving a range of tasks using multiple types of approaches, we feel comfortable bringing him or her on board.

These are a few of the strategies we use during interviews to identify the best hires. Check out the Global Vision Concepts Newswire for updates on our efforts to expand our team.