A Shout-Out to Rance for His Exceptional Results

What makes a company strong is the people who form its foundation. In Global Vision Concepts, we’re fortunate to have a number of talented and determined individuals who bring their unique energies and passions to work each day, allowing us to outpace the competition with our sales and marketing prowess.

This month, Global Vision Concepts’ admin Sydney wants to highlight Rance, a team member who has really shown he has what it takes to be a top performer within our organization. As Sydney recounted Rance’s exceptional work, she said, “He came in and hit higher than his anticipated goal. He did enough for the whole team in one day and was very fired up and motivated.”

Exceeding goals is something that comes from within a person. It speaks to his or her passion and tenacity. Sydney is impressed by Rance, in particular, “just that determination in knowing there is no one stopping his success but him.” A team player to the core, Rance is always ready to deliver 100 percent. Sydney shared, “He said ‘if you tell me what you need from me and what you need me to do I will do it, there is no question or trying, I will do it’.” This is the type of enthusiasm that allows Global Vision Concepts to thrive.

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