PRESS RELEASE: Global Vision Concepts Sends Top Producers to National Event

ATLANTA, GA – Hand-selected individuals had the chance to represent Global Vision Concepts at a weekend conference in Dallas. The firm’s head of human resources discussed the value of this trip not only to those who attended, but the entire team.

Qualifying team members recently returned from Dallas, Texas, where they had the chance to meet with industry leaders from across the nation at a leadership conference. Sydney, Global Vision Concepts’ head of HR, noted that attendees were able to participate in several workshops, attend keynote speeches, and network with the best of the best in on-site promotions.

This was a huge opportunity for anyone who had the chance to attend. The Dallas conference provided a unique chance to share best practices with accomplished professionals from a variety of different markets and take careers to the next level. The speakers shared advice and tips that can’t be found anywhere else.

Another highlight of the conference was the awards ceremony, where top producers from all across the country were recognized for achieving significant milestones. This is always inspiring, as it reminds everyone there how much opportunity exists in the field of interactive marketing.

The trip itself was a way for Sydney to recognize Global Vision Concepts’ top performers as well. Earning a weekend away from home is a powerful way to reward someone for a job well done, but Sydney is certain the company’s associates more than earn it: they all work hard and push past their limits on a regular basis to achieve company goals.

How All of Global Vision Concepts Benefits From Travel Opportunities

Sydney noted that while she and other Global Vision Concepts attendees enjoyed being rewarded for their efforts with the Dallas trip, they know that success is a team effort, and look forward to helping their colleagues earn their way onto the next trip. When she and other attendees return from conferences, they make sure to share the knowledge they gained. They also take pictures and post them to social media, giving everyone back home a feel for the excitement and energy at the event.

Training conferences are an extension of Global Vision Concepts’ commitment to training and development, and team members who attend always return refreshed, energized, and ready to teach their colleagues everything they’ve learned. Sydney said that she and the other team members who are now home from Dallas are already looking forward to their next trip, and seeing who qualifies to go with them.

About Global Vision Concepts

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