What We Look for in Potential Hires

We have big plans for growth in 2019, including bringing new talent into the Global Vision Concepts office. Those who want to be part of our fun and supportive work culture need to project confidence during their interviews. We’ve met with all kinds of talented people as we’ve built up our team, so we know what the most impressive candidates do before their interviews.

There’s no substitute for being prepared, no matter the situation. When it comes to a job interview, knowing as much as possible about the potential employer is vital. It’s a good idea to research a company’s website and social media pages for several hours to get a good understanding of culture, values, and approach. Armed with these types of insights, candidates can ask questions that display their interest in coming on board.

Being memorable is also a key part of any successful interview. When we meet with prospective additions to Team Global Vision Concepts, we want to hear concise but compelling elevator pitches. If jobseekers can tie their unique skills to our firm’s mission and values, it’s easier for us to picture them joining our team.

Well-prepared candidates who project confidence through positive body language and effective pitches have the best chances of getting hired. Like Global Vision Concepts on Facebook for more helpful tips and details on how we approach job interviews.