A Great Career Option for College Graduates

Around the Global Vision Concepts office, we know how stressful it can be to find a job after college. That’s why we take special pride in hiring new graduates and showing them how rewarding a career with our organization can be. Hithm, our firm’s President, stated, “We offer paid training and personalized coaching to set our people up for success. Recent college grads find a fun, learning-focused atmosphere when they join our team. Being surrounded by energetic, like-minded people makes the experience even more inspiring.”

We use a few key strategies to identify the best graduate fits for our organization. One is to scan online portfolios for samples of projects they worked on as students. Personal blogs can also be ideal tools for grads to share their recent work. This kind of online research is an essential element in finding the ideal graduates to join our team.

Our research into college grad candidates also includes learning what they really care about in employers. “We want to know what’s trending among those who are just entering the professional world,” Hithm remarked. “Through social media, we can get a feel for what graduates want from their careers and how Global Vision Concepts can meet their needs. Having flexibility and making an impact through social giving are good examples of the kinds of things new grads want.”

We’re excited to interview motivated college grads as we expand our team. Check out the Global Vision Concepts Newswire for updates on our hiring exploits.