Deron’s Well-Deserved Promotion

Recognizing great performance is one of the hallmarks of our Global Vision Concepts culture. Today, it’s Deron Harris who’s receiving some time in the spotlight for his recent promotion to account manager. Sydney, our firm’s head of HR, explained, “Deron is always ready to go when you ask him to do something. His student mentality makes him stand out and is the main reason he continues to move forward in his career.”

Clear paths to advancement are the most important ways we reward our people for their hard work. It isn’t the only type of recognition we offer, though. A few words of praise in front of everyone on Team Global Vision Concepts are often shared around our office. This is one of the most inspiring ways to highlight a person for outstanding work, because it motivates others to step up as well.

We also offer travel incentives as ways to reward our team members’ commitment. Getting away from the office is an ideal chance to reflect on achievements and project into an even more successful future. It’s also great for adding helpful contacts who can offer unique insights on reaching ambitious goals.

Hithm, our firm’s President, explained that regular recognition ensures a highly engaged team. He noted that people aim even higher when they’re rewarded for standout performance.

We’re excited to have Deron moving up within our organization. Follow his progress and check out news on all our top performers by following Global Vision Concepts on Twitter.