The Mission That Encompasses All We Do at Global Vision Concepts

It’s important to have an online outreach strategy. We highly recommend it. Yet it won’t bring you all the results you’re counting on. Mouse clicks simply aren’t powerful enough to drive strong customer conversion rates.

Think about it. The internet is an overwhelming, hectic place. Users are barraged by pop-up ads; there are so many that it’s easier just to ignore them all.

Global Vision Concepts brings something far more valuable to the equation. We create personalized connections that buyers appreciate and remember.

What’s our secret? Directed by the Global Vision Concepts core values, we customize your message to resonate with people on an individual basis. It works every time.

Our Philanthropic Global Vision

Philanthropic giving is a central theme of our Global Vision Concepts culture. We are proud to help make the world a better place. In particular, contributing to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s (BCRF) Pink Promotion is one of our favorite give-backs. Launched by an automotive care company we serve, the project generates awareness and funds for the fight against breast cancer. Contributions are used to provide treatment, research, and support services for individuals afflicted with the disease. So far, we’ve helped raise over $5 million on behalf of this important cause through the sales of automotive care products.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s mission is straightforward – to uncover a cure for the deadly disease. With 91 percent of every dollar raised by the foundation directed to research and patient support, the BCRF is the country’s highest-rated organization of its kind. In over two decades, it has funded approximately 9,800,000 hours of research. This time is spent seeking potential treatment and prevention options. Of course, it’s also spent offering unlimited support to individuals suffering from breast cancer all over the world.

Our approach to customer acquisition works every time.

Find Out How.